da Da Vinci 4 Ways to Boost Your practice marketing

Boost Your Dental Practice Marketing

After a year of patients putting off procedures and cleanings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients were ready to jump back into the chair as soon as vaccines became widely available.  Yet, there remain patients that are reluctant to go back into the office for their overdue treatments. According to the American Dental Association (ADA) survey, patient volumes are still below pre-pandemic levels.

Now that vaccinations are widely available and schools are just weeks away from the first day, it is time to encourage overdue patients to make an appointment. After all, dental health is vital for overall health.

If you have already tried the standard text, phone, email, and mail reminders, what else can you do?

Here are 4 ways to boost your dental practice marketing efforts to bring patients back to your office:

  1. Social Media Contests

People are increasingly turning to social media for more of their needs.  Harness the power of these platforms and create a contest that turns your patients’ social media networks into referral tools. Contests that offer patients a chance to win gift cards or free whitening treatments by tagging the practice on their posts are a great way to create buzz. Here is a helpful article to get you started running your first contest.

2. Create a video

Consider using a video on social media. Videos typically have higher engagement rates than photos or graphics, so consider investing the time and money to give people a chance to see inside your practice.  Feature behind-the-scenes information or use it to let people get to know your staff.  Sound daunting?  Consider hiring a college student as an intern to help.

3. Educate Parents

With school back in session soon, many states require a dental assessment for children before entering kindergarten.  Using social media audience targeting tools, you can reach parents with young children. Here is a simple video to show you how to adjust your settings in Facebook Ads.  Check here to see your state’s regulations on dental assessments for school registration.

4. Update/Claim Your Yelp and Google

Review sites are wildly popular, and most people trust the feedback from others almost as much as they trust the word of people they know. As a result, consumers spend more time gathering information for decision-making on review sites; make sure you have the correct information available and address any negative comments.

Once your patients start flooding back to the office, da Vinci Dental Studios is here to help you with all your dental laboratory product needs. Reach us on the web at https://davincilab.com/contact/ by phone at 800.874.7239 or email customerservice@davincilab.com.