da Vinci Dental Studios offers a range of products to suit the needs and preferences of every patient. Our entire premium line of products embodies matchless artistry. We strive for fit, form, finish and function on every case.

da Vinci Felspathic Veneers

These veneers are made of feldspathic porcelain. We design and hand-make each veneer to exacting specifications that allows the most detail and the best color adaptation for each patient’s individual desires. Depth of color and shade transition can be accomplished with the degree of translucency that your smile needs. Most cosmetic dental bonding materials have the disadvantage of being susceptible to staining and discoloring. The consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco products are the main causes of staining. Feldspathic porcelain veneers, on the other hand, are made of a strong, durable glass-like substance, which is extremely resistant to staining. da Vinci feldspathic veneers are an aesthetic and safe way to correct unattractive front teeth. They are thin, strong, custom-made porcelain restorations, which are bonded to the tooth structure. The result is a restoration that mimics natural, beautiful teeth. Since the artistic fabrication of veneers contributes greatly to the final result, we are proud to employ only with the most highly skilled and artistic ceramists.


da Vinci Feldspathic Veneer *
Feldspathic Porcelain Veneer Minimal Prep. *
Feldspathic Porcelain Jacket Crown *
e.max Layered w/Porcelain *
e.max Pressed Artisan Touch (Veneer; Crown; Inlay / Onlay)
Zirconia Layered w/Porcelain *
Porcelain Fused to Metal * (PFM) (+ Alloy)
* Upgrade to our Signature Series for an additional $100. Our Signature Series is created to its most natural form by Master Artisans and is recognized world- wide for its aesthetics.


Full Contour Crown & Bridge - CAD/CAM Only
e.max Monolithic
e.max Inlay / Onlay
Full Zirconia Monolithic
Full Zirconia Monolithic Anteriors - Katana ML
Full Cast Metal Crown* (plus alloy)


Diagnostic Wax Up (50% credit once final case is complete)
Duplicate Model
Vacuum Formed Tray
Silicone Stent
Polyvinyl Matrix
DreamSmile Digital Imaging
Express Unlimited (Generic 30 min. turnaround)
Premier Unlimited (Custom 48 hr. turnaround)
Full Face


Abutments & Extras
Atlantis Zirconia Abutment
Atlantis Titanium Abutment
Straumann Zirconia Abutment
Straumann Titanium Abutment
NobelProcera ASC Abutment
NobelProcera Zirconia Abutment
NobelProcera Titanium Abutment
UCLA Screw-Retained PFM (+ Alloy)
UCLA Screw-Retained Full Cast (+ Alloy)
Seating Jig
Gold Hue
Opaque Abutment
Implant Soft Tissue Model
Surgical Guide


Full Contour Bundles
Stock Abutment+ Full Zirconia or e.max Crown
Ti Base Screw Retain Full Contour Zirconia
ASC Screw Retain Full Contour Zirconia
Titanium Abutment + Full Contour Zirconia
Titanium Abutment + Screw Retain Full Contour Zirconia


Cast Metal Partials (Includes major connectors, unlimited clasps, rests and retentive mesh areas)
Partial Metal Framework
Unilateral Metal Framework
Metal Framework w/ Flexible Partial (Completed in one stage)
Metal-Free Flexible Partials
Flexible Partial (Completed in one stage)
Wax Try-in (Teeth Set-Up)
ValplastTM (Completed in one stage)
Acrylic Treatment Partials (*** Includes wire clasps)
Flipper (1 tooth)
Stayplate *** (2-5; Completed in one stage)
Acrylic Partial (6 teeth or more; 2 clasps included; Completed in one stage)
Wax Try-in (Teeth Set-Up)
Denture (Completed in one stage)
Wax Try-in (Teeth Set-Up)
Immediate Denture
Removable Extras
Custom Tray
Wax Bite Block (Includes Base Plate)
Wax Bite Rim
Splints & Sport Guards
Soft Night Guard
Hard Night Guard
Soft/Hard Combo
Bleaching Tray
Sport Guard
Orthodontic Appliances
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    Dr. Gerard J. Chiche
    Dr. Gerard J. Chiche
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    da Vinci has provided true value to the dental profession not only through their very high expertise and total commitment to high-quality esthetics but also through lifelong learning and their leadership in providing numerous valuable CE opportunities.
    R. F., Los Angeles, CA​
    R. F., Los Angeles, CA​
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    I can’t tell you how much this is meant for me. It has given me my confidence back. Now, I smile and laugh with the best of them. I have absolutely no regret whatsoever.
    Dr. Carl E Misch, DDS, MDS
    Dr. Carl E Misch, DDS, MDS
    Dental Surgeon​
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    Experience, talent and concern for scientific principles are evident in the implant prosthetics produced by da Vinci Dental Studios. This is one of the most reliable dental laboratories I have done business with over the last decade.